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Funding Request

Business Loans, Venture Capital, Asset Based Loans,
Commercial Finance, and other Business Funding

When submitting a Funding Request for review, provide clear concise information in a one page Executive Summary. Present facts about the business and its current financial position allowing a Funder to quickly determine whether or not the project is something that makes sound financial sense.

In the one page summary provide clear and concise details for the following:  


1. Business name and location.

2. Names of owners and stockholders who own 10% or more of the business.

3. What product, or service, is the business selling?

4. How much is the funding request?

5. What will funds be used for?

6. What is the collateral?

7. How much cash is invested in the project by the current owners/stockholders?

8. How much cash does the company currently have available?

9. What is the business owners’ current equity portion?

10. How much cash are the business owners investing compared to the total amount of cash needed for the project?

11. What is the current credit condition of the owners, and the business?

12. How much current debt does the company have and who are the creditors?

13. What do the past financial statements indicate?

14. What do the cash flow projections state, and what are these projections based on?

15. Does the management team have a track record in the industry? What is it? What were their successes? What were their failures?

16. Are there any customer contracts? With whom? For how long? Percentage of sales volume?

17. Is there a current 3rd party property appraisal? Is there a current 3rd party business valuation? 

18. How long has the deal been shopped around? To Whom else?

19. Are there any legal judgments against the business or past taxes due?

20. What are your expectations of finance terms, or exit strategy?

Email the one page Executive Summary detailing your funding request along with your current Balance Sheet to .

Note: If you fail to answer the questions or provide a Balance Sheet don’t expect a response. We are not trying to be rude, but when Clients don’t follow directions on step one then we don’t have any faith they will follow directions later on. In good times and bad, there is always a huge demand for businesses needing business loans, venture capital, asset based loans, etc., and there simply is not enough time to work on potential transactions when the Funding Request does not provide the adequate initial information.


Upon favorable review of the Executive Summary and Balance Sheet, we will request the complete funding package. Submitted business plans must be laser printed, tabbed, and bound. Faxes, copies, and e-mails are not acceptable. The Business Plan must look professional and provide depth of detail. Daydreams, marketing hype, and blue sky, don’t get funded.


The Business Plan will need to provide data that can be compared to both industry standards and competition, along with being analyzed to the “nth degree.” When the funding package is complete and acceptable it will move to the Underwriter.


The Client will sign agreements concerning Non Disclosure Non Circumvention, Truthful Information, along with the contract for Consultation Fees.